Corporate Responsibility Policy

Informed by OUR VALUES, our Corporate Responsibility Policy reinforces and strengthens our integrated approach to managing our commitments and responsibilities across three broad and inter-related pillars: health and safety, Environment and Social.

We believe that sustainability in the mining industry requires that companies have an enduring and robust business strategy that can deliver prosperity to all stakeholders over the long-term. At DPM, we achieve this through a holistic approach to sustainability, which is one of our four strategic pillars and is embedded into all aspects of the business.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy forms the foundation of our commitments in this critical area of our business, and all employees and contractors who work at our sites have the responsibility to comply with the policy.

We operationalize our policy by having a business model that embeds risk and performance management, transparent reporting, audit and assurance and continuous improvement into every aspect and level of the business. As a result, we commit to the following:



  • Striving to achieve zero harm to our Internal and External Stakeholders.
  • Designing, operating and maintaining safe and healthy Workplaces.
  • Continuously improving our leadership and behaviours to achieve an Interdependent Safety Culture.
  • Engaging Employees and Third Parties to identify Workplace hazards and effectively managing risk through application of hierarchy of controls.
  • Developing and maintaining a fit for work and competent workforce.
  • Promoting wellness to enhance physical and mental health.


  • Optimizing our environmental footprint throughout the business life cycle.
  • Ensuring the efficient use and protection of the natural physical and biotic environment.
  • Controlling, reducing, and responsibly managing emissions, effluents, and waste.
  • Applying a rigorous holistic approach to tailings management, in line with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, that provides for the long-term safe disposal of waste.
  • Building resilience into our business plans, considering the impact of climate change.
  • Identifying, planning, ensuring adequate funding and delivering on our Closure obligations.


  • Respecting Human Rights and avoiding contributing to adverse Human Rights impacts.
  • Contributing to the development of vibrant Communities and sustainable livelihoods.
  • Engaging openly with Communities, Government Authorities and other External Stakeholders to build and maintain trust-based relationships.
  • Collaborating to support Community health and wellness.
  • Identifying and addressing the social impacts of our activities throughout the business life cycle.
  • Respecting the local culture and protecting heritage resources.

Understand the Company’s impact and influences across the entire value chain and, wherever possible, apply responsible business practices to sourcing and materials stewardship.

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